Updated – Please read the following…

Inmate Phone Vendor

“ICSolution provides the inmate phone services at the facility where the Inmate is located. Offering Prepaid Accounts and Debit Telephone Accounts.”

Pre-paid Account
“Friends and family members can set-up a pre-paid account with ICSolutions by calling 888-506-8407 or by visiting ICSolutions“.

Inmate Voicemail
“Inmate voicemail is now available through the inmate telephone system. Friends and family members can leave a voicemail message to inmates for only $1.00.  They must have a pre-paid account with available funds and know the inmate’s ID number.  To leave a voicemail message please call:  877-828-0818 and follow the prompts.”

Inmate Phone Support

Erin Fraser
Phone: 1-800-333-8856

“The Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority utilizes the services of Praeses, LCC, an inmate telecommunications management company. Praeses provides the Authority with their wide variety of telecommunications expertise to assist in providing the best quality calling services available for inmates and their family and friends. If you are having any issues concerning inmate telephone services with the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority facilities, please contact Erin Fraser with Praeses at 1-800-333-8856.”